Project 365 Day 9 – Chocolate Frogs

So yeah, when I was in my glory at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal last week, I totally nerded out and bought two giant chocolate frogs. My fellow Harry Potter nerds will appreciate the fact they even come with wizard cards, just like in the books and movies. I got Dumbledore and Salazar Slytherin. WIN.


Project 365 Day 4 – Hogwarts!


Spent the day at Universal Studios in Florida and had the time of my life. Being the ultra Harry Potter nerd that I am I spent most of the day here at Hogwarts with all the other teenage girls. I tried getting some cute wizards to hold my wand but didn’t have any luck 😦

Here’s a close up of the castle:


And the butterbeer and pumpkin juice was super delicious: