Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

When I was in Ireland 3 years ago, I was lucky enough to get these pictures. Not the best quality, they were taken with a pretty poor digital camera. Really wish I had my nice SLR camera back then. Regardless, they definitely fit this week’s theme of colorful!

I really wish I had my Nikon D3000 for these shots. They would have been great. Still, it was an awesome moment seeing this first thing in the morning on our way to the Ring of Kerry. Another reason why Ireland is my favorite place in the world.

Also, I know lot’s of people seem to be just using google to find great high-quality pictures that fit the themes of the weekly photo challenge, but I much prefer using pictures I’ve taken myself. Just a thought. Already looking forward to next week’s photo challenge!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot

Well, these aren’t normally associated with the word “hot,” but they certainly are hot. I took these last week during the Fourth of July fireworks display at the high school by my house. Not the greatest pictures, but I’m still learning how to shoot properly at night. Definitely will be using a tripod next time.

The tripod will help remove that blur and smokiness. Still, these definitely fit this week’s theme of hot.

And for those interested I’m using a Nikon D3000. Great, affordable and basic SLR camera.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned

Here it is, my first ever (and of many to come) Weekly Photo Challenge posts.

This week’s theme is old fashioned, and it just so happens I recently went on a little trek through some nearby woods and found something that fits the theme perfectly:

It’s some sort of fire pit, just left alone and forgotten in the middle of the woods. It appears to say “Chas Robson & Co. 9th & Wash. Ave. Phila. Pa.”

So I’m not entirely sure exactly what it is, but it definitely fits the old fashioned theme perfectly. You’ll never know what you’ll come across taking a hike through the woods.

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