Project 365

What’s up turds? I haven’t updated this donkey garbage in quite a long time. But two things have me dedicated to updating this once a day, everyday in 2012. The first being Project 365. The idea is to take and post a picture a day, everyday for a whole year. It has to have something to do with your day, and be accompanied with a little explanation.

That takes some dedication. I’ll be rather proud of myself if I can make this work, and I think I can. I’ll be off to a good start, considering I’ll be in Disney for the first 8 days of 2012. Which also means I have to post the first week of pictures via my phone, so hopefully no mishaps occur and I don’t end up posting a dick pic for any and all to see.

(For further inquiries on that matter, feel free to get in touch!)

I’m pretty pumped about this, and I think I’m creative enough that I won’t have any of you pouring battery acid in your eyes by day 12.

Now, the second reason I’m reviving this drivel, is because BASEBALL (!!!) is mere months away. And seeing as I’m newly and probably (definitely) forever single I will now spend all my freed up time writing about Tom McCarthy’s budding breasts and wondering how John Bowker is still on the roster.

But for the time being it’s all about Project 365, and I’m pretty pumped to put my Nikon D3000 to good use.