If I Could Interview 5 People…

As an aspiring journalist/writer, a co-worker of mine asked me a very interesting question: “If you could interview any 5 people in the world, who would they be?”

And I thought choosing my top 5 characters in Harry Potter was difficult. Wow. Well, strictly going off the top of my head, here are the top 5 people in the world that I would choose to interview:

#5 J.J. Abrams

The award winning writer/director/producer/creator involved in such giant projects as Star Trek, Cloverfield, Mission Impossible 3, Super 8, and Armageddon (just to name a few) is one of the most interesting people to interview that I could possibly think of. But, more importantly, he was the executive producer, co-creator, writer and director of LOST.

If I could interview this man, then ALL I would ask him is Lost questions. Forget the giant success of Super 8. Forget the new upcoming sequels to Mission Impossible, Cloverfield and Star Trek. Forget all of that. I wanna know what the heck happened to Walt dammit. What were the numbers? Why did Hurley just keep getting fatter? WHAT THE HELL EVEN HAPPENED?

Too bad us Lost fans will never know. It’s not like Abrams would answer any of these questions anyway, even if someone did ask him. Sad face.

#4 J.K. Rowling

Who wouldn’t want to interview the creator of one of the greatest book (and movie) series in history? Maybe I’m a bit of a fan-boy, but I would lose my mind if I ever had the chance to interview Rowling. I’d do my best not to ask the same old hacky questions she always gets asked, like “Will you write more books?!?!?!” Instead I’d be more like, “PLEASE write more books!!!”

Seriously though, she’s one of the most powerful people in England. She’s richer than the Queen. And she’s responsible for making thousands (millions?) of kids, teenagers, and adults alike falling in love with reading. As dumb as it sounds, it was absolutely amazing to live in another world for 7 books. I had the time of my life with these books and movies. They made me a happier and more positive person. Maybe instead of being such a fan-boy, I would simply just say “thank you.”

#3 Slash

Slash is simply my favorite musician ever. I have been his biggest fan for years. I could listen to his solos from “November Rain” all day long. What amazes me about him is how absolutely down to earth and humble he is. I’ve heard and read countless interviews with him and he continues to amaze me. He’s even been sober for over 6 years now.

And this album right here completely blew me away. It features a different singer on every song.  Everyone from Ozzy Osbourne, Fergie, Adam Levine, Andrew Stockdale and Kid Rock (plus many others) give it their all on their respective songs.

Slash’s whole style just reeks of awesome: the signature top hat, the dark glasses, the big hair, the Les Paul guitar…it’s all part of his legendary image. He’s without a doubt one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

There are rumors that Guns N Roses will be getting back together to play the halftime show at this year’s Super Bowl. It was crazy enough seeing him at last year’s game (he saved it from being the worst halftime show in history). If that band actually gets back together this year I will absolutely lose my mind. PLEASE let it happen.

#2 Stephen King

Numbers 1 and 2 on this list were very hard for me to choose. Stephen King was number 1 until I changed my mind at the very last second. Either way, King is my favorite author ever and has one of the greatest creative minds of all time. Every single book of his will blow your mind. The twists, villains, heroes, and graphic imagery in his books are second to none.

His books have even sold more than 350 million copies. That is completely insane.

The Stand remains my favorite book of all time. And I have read a lot of books. No one else has done an apocalypse more justice than King does in this book. Everything from a crazed kid named Trashcan Man blowing up an entire town to a plague wiping out most of the population is in this book.

King even has his own 7 book series, The Dark Tower. I made it to book 4 before getting overwhelmed with school and work, but I will definitely be drowning myself in those books again soon.

I imagine King wouldn’t reveal much in any interviews, but who knows. I just want the chance to talk to the person responsible for making me actually yell out loud many times while reading a book. As I’m writing this I’m itching to go pick up my copy of The Gunslinger and get back into The Dark Tower series right away.

He’s the mastermind behind such legends as IT, The Green Mile, Salem’s Lot, The Shining, Pet Semetary, The Stand, Under the Dome and tons of other best sellers…who wouldn’t want the chance to talk to Stephen King?

#1 Jamie Moyer

Jamie Moyer is simply my favorite person ever. He is my baseball idol and the most humble player I have ever seen play the game. My girlfriend even mailed him a poster of himself, and he was kind enough to sign it for me, “Patrick, All My Best,” and mail it back. It is the greatest thing I have ever gotten.

Seeing him win the World Series with the Phillies is one of the greatest moments of my life. Just the fact he was such a great player in his late 40’s and fooling stars in their 20’s and 30’s with his slow, yet deceptive pitching style made him amazing to watch. He even pitched two complete games last year at the age of 46 before getting hurt. And he’s still trying to come back and pitch!

If I ever got the chance to interview Jamie Moyer I would truly be a stuttering fool. Baseball needs more players like him. Sports in general does. He will always be my idol, not just in sports, but in life. If there is one person in the entire world I want to meet, it’s Jamie Moyer.


First off, if anyone is still reading this, thank you very much for taking the time to do so. I know it’s a lot and I greatly appreciate it!

I understand this is kind of an odd list, but it’s my list. I know most people would choose to interview the president or some type of war hero, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I just have no interest in politics. These people on my list are 5 of my favorite people in the world. If I got to meet even one of the people on this list then I would be unbelievably happy for the rest of my life.

I had a lot of fun writing this and making this list. I’d love to hear some of your lists if anyone else feels like sharing in the comments section below. Let me know what you think, and, as always thank you for reading!