Project 365 Day 7 – Key to the World


I’m a day late with this because it was pretty hectic yesterday flying back home. This was Disney’s “Key to the World.” It was awesome. It was used as a room key, to get food at the resort and all the Disney Parks, to pay for virtually anything and everything in ALL of Disney. Here’s to hoping it works at Best Buy!

Project 365 Day 4 – Hogwarts!


Spent the day at Universal Studios in Florida and had the time of my life. Being the ultra Harry Potter nerd that I am I spent most of the day here at Hogwarts with all the other teenage girls. I tried getting some cute wizards to hold my wand but didn’t have any luck 😦

Here’s a close up of the castle:


And the butterbeer and pumpkin juice was super delicious:


Project 365 Day 3 – Tower of Terror


Spent the day in Hollywood Studios and it was a blast. The Tower of Terror was fun, but the Aerosmith roller coaster was my favorite.

Also, I made a complete and utter ass of myself auditioning for the American Idol Experience, and although I have zero musical talent, it was kind of cool making an entire audience of people laugh.

Harry Potter World tomorrow!

Project 365 Day 2 – Epcot


Beautiful Epcot in Orlando Florida! Not much to say, it was an incredible day and visiting all the countries was awesome. I even got to have a little Guinness from home in Ireland.

The Grand Illumination at night, which took place right here on the water, was one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced!

Also, taken via mobile again. Can’t post anything from my SLR until Sunday!

Project 365 Day 1 – Disney’s Magic Kingdom


Project 365 – Day 1

Here we go, my first post of my Project 365. I’m posting this via mobile, so I have no clue how this is gonna look. But this is from Disney right after the New Years fireworks display, one of the most amazing and surreal moments of my life.  Not afraid to admit it gave me a few tears!

Also, I’m pretty pumped to post some of the pics I shot with my SLR when I get home in a week, got some incredible shots.