Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot

Well, these aren’t normally associated with the word “hot,” but they certainly are hot. I took these last week during the Fourth of July fireworks display at the high school by my house. Not the greatest pictures, but I’m still learning how to shoot properly at night. Definitely will be using a tripod next time.

The tripod will help remove that blur and smokiness. Still, these definitely fit this week’s theme of hot.

And for those interested I’m using a Nikon D3000. Great, affordable and basic SLR camera.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot

  1. Naahh…its not hot! Its AWESOME pictures….I wanna be able to take firework pictures as clear as the one you got. I still am trying to learn about my D5100 thou…

    • Thanks! The D5100 is an awesome camera. Shooting at night can be tricky, I had to look up all kinds of tips for shooting fireworks. Practice makes perfect. You are going to get some great shots with that camera.

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